The Cady Token is a DeFi token with a controlled burn function.

The Cady is our main governance token and will provide privileges to hodlers on our platform.


​Set up your wallet (TrustWallet is already set up)

Go to for help

​Go to Pancakeswap

​Go to

​Click on

​Copy the Cady Token address: 0xb521447f5e23a2c002a26ebcdcc4d28142c04e5f

​Click the settings button on the top right of the Swap interface and set slippage to 2–5%


Contract address: 0xb521447f5e23a2c002a26ebcdcc4d28142c04e5f

Total Supply : 1 000 000 000 000 (One trillion)

Decimals : 8

Controlled supply burning to increase value overtime


The Cady token will have privileges such as early access to new arts and exclusive discounts.

Maybe we will find our generations next J. Pollock, who knows?


​Q2 2021

- Developing contract code and launching the website

- Initial releasing of Cady Token

Q3 2021

- DeFi market deals

- Market integrations

- First tests of NFT trading Dapps

Q4 2021

- Realese of NFT Dapps

- Development of future projects.

Q1 2022
- More to come…



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